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Coffee Rubbed T-Bone Steak
  t-bone steaks, 3/4 inch
1 tbsp
  freshly ground coffee
1 tbsp
  kosher salt
2 tsp
  fresh cracked black pepper
1 tsp
  chili powder
1 tsp
  granulated garlic
1 tsp
  granulated sugar
1 tsp
  thyme, dried leaves
  Preheat your American Barbecue Systems grill to medium-high. Trim steaks of excess fat. Combine freshly ground coffee and other ingredients in a small bowl, blend well. Then apply to both sides of the t-bone staeks. Let set for 15 minutes before grilling. Grill steaks for 4 1/2 minutes on each side. This will give you a medium-rare steak. Always let your steaks rest for 7 minutes before serving. This will ensure all the juices have the necessary time to redistribute.
  Chef Notes:
  I use my Pit Boss grill feature at least 3 times weekly. By using lump charcoal I can have it up to temperature in 15 minutes and it takes only 3 lb. of charcoal. The stainless steel racks are a breeze to cleanup, and they don't stick. Whick makes it prefect for grilling fish and chicken also.
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