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Bobbie and Lee McWright,

I would like to share my experiences in working with Bobbie and Lee over the last four years.

In 2004, I started my evening cooking classes and dinners in Pulaski, TN using a nationally known cooker and author. My first class and dinner had 67 people enrolled for Chicken & Ribs class/dinner.

Later that year I met Bobbie and Lee and contracted them to do a Chicken & Ribs class/dinner in the spring of 2005. I was very impressed with their contest record, their positive attitude and their willingness to share their BBQ knowledge and experience with others.

My friends all told me that I had made a big mistake by having another Chicken & Ribs class/dinner. I had this great feeling that Bobbie and Lee’s reputation would attract more people to my Cooking class/dinner. Boy was I right ! We filled 93 seats and had over $1,200 in door prizes.

I really enjoyed working with Bobbie and Lee and I again contracted them to do my Pork & Brisket class/dinner with a target of 50 seats. Again, I was very happy that they were available. We had 80 people sign-up and over $1,200 in door prizes.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed and I am proud to say, Bobbie, Lee and I have become best friends.

I’ve helped Bobbie and Lee with several of their all-day and two day cooking classes and I saw first hand, the Value, quality and desire to put on the best class ever.

April 26, 2008, Lee did my CBJ Class in Smyrna, TN. WOW ! ! ! I filled the class and had over 20 on a waiting list hoping that someone would cancel or get sick and not make the class. Everyone praised Lee for doing a great class and stated that they would recommend the class to their friends and family and hoped we would be doing another one soon.

Bobbie and Lee McWright are awesome folks and I have to say their classes and food are just as awesome.

If you ever have a need for a cooking class, advice, CBJ Class or some great food catering, please contact Bobbie and Lee at Music City Catering. You’ll not be disappointed !

Al Knowles
Pulaski, Tennessee

My Brother-in-law and I have been cooking approximately 3 1/2 years and sometimes we would get our name called, but it was few and far between. We enjoy the BBQ Competitions, but everybody likes to get there name called, also. So we decided to take a BBQ class and most people recommended Lee and Bobbie. So after contacting the McWrights, we decided to try the class. To make a long story short, we went to the class and was amazed at the things we learned and how both Lee and Bobbie where patient and Great teachers. The greatest thing besides the cooking was after you finish the class it’s not over, I called Lee almost every day to ask more questions and he was always helpful. The thing I remember the most was the next weekend I called Lee and told him we were competing that weekend and he told me to call him and he would walk me through any part I wasn’t sure about. It was not that the class wasn’t perfect; I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. That same competition we got our names called and I think Lee and Bobbie jumped higher than we did. The class was such a great learning experience and we are such a stronger competitor at each competition. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone who was interested in learning how to cook, wonderful experience, or to become a stronger BBQ competition team. That weekend, we made three new friends Lee, Bobbie, and Coriander (puppy dog). Great Class and definitely great people and if you try this class you will not be disappointed.

Lee Dye, The Grilling Stones

I recently purchased an American Barbecue System and one word says it all, PERFECT. When my family and I used to go to the cookoffs, we had 4 to 5 smokers and during the course of loading and unloading, we broke one of the ceramic smokers, that mistake cost $1000 dollars. The trailer was stacked full and we always took about 20 bags of charcoal. Now with this new cooker (PIT BOSS) I can load and unload it by myself and we only use 4 to 5 bags of charcoal and we have twice the room in the trailer now. We can do a whole competition on the Pit Boss which includes 2 briskets, 16 thighs, 2 pork butts, and 4 racks of ribs and still have room to spare. My brother-in-law and I were talking the other night how we used to stay up all night and now we actually get to rest. Our wives say we have more fun now because we get more sleep. For Thanksgiving, I did 16 Turkey Breast at the same time and they turned out great. I use it at home just as much as I do at the cookoffs. The only thing I really dislike about the American Barbeque System is seeing other people with them at the cookoffs knowing they have the same advantage as we do. Overall we give it two thumbs up.

Lee Dye

Bobbie & Lee

Great class by one of the best BBQ teams in the country. Lee and Bobbie are spectacular people and teach the class in a way to help make you a better bbq cook, as well as to help you win contests. They teach you more than just what recipes to use. You’ll learn why meats react differently with different cookers, brines, marinades, woods, etc… You will learn about presentation - not just how to build a box, but why you might use different styles depending on what you want to accomplish. You will get a chance to present your meats to CBJ’s at the class and interact with them to find out what they are really thinking. Overall, this is more than just a great BBQ Competition class, it is an excellent opportunity to take what Lee and Bobbie can teach you and make it your own.

Kelly Wertz,
2009 Jack Daniels World Championship
Grand Champion
4 Legs Up BBQ

Lee and Bobbie,

I had the opportunity to attend the Pig Pals advance BBQ class two years ago. This BBQ class offered hands on, theory, and recipes. Information in the class included flavor profiling, sources for products, and how to buy according to specifications. I had been on the BBQ circuit for 3 years prior, we had done okay. But with this knowledge, I gained confidence with the ability to take our product to the next level.

After taking the class, the last two years we have cooked 27 contests: 4 Grand Championships, 5 Reserve Grand Championships, 3 Perfect Scores, 23 top ten finishes, a call in every contest, and a trip to the “Jack”.

Lee and Bobbie are great people and teachers. The class was a great learning environment. I want to thank them for there time and friendship.

Doug Naslund
Smoke “N” the Rockies

I started out with a side box smoker 2 yrs ago. When product demand increased I searched rotisserie smokers, very quickly settling on the Pit Boss. I am able to easily feed 150 people smoked chicken or buttsin one run. The ease and results over a non-rotisserie unit is astounding. The last run I was able to hold 200 degrees for 4 hours without touching the unit. Amazing! It gave me time to mow the lawn, plant the garden and do some woodworking. My wife says the Pit Boss has enabled me to multitask instead of being a slave to my old unit. ABS, Bobbie and Lee have been great to deal with. Lee even backed the trailer in so we could load it on, and Bobbie’s rub has been the final puzzle piece in my smoked chicken success.

Tom Knight
The Well Rubbed Butt BBQ & Chili Emporium
Knoxville, TN
As I began traveling the barbecue circuit back in the early 90’s, one of the competition teams I quickly became familiar with in the southeast was the Music City Pig Pals. Back then, the Pig Pals were cooking often and on both the Memphis in May circuit as well as the Kansas City Barbeque Society circuit. At these competitions, Lee and Bobbie were constantly getting their name called and consistently placing in the Top Ten. A few years later, I learned that Lee and Bobbie were exceptional cooks in their own right with many culinary talents other than just barbecue. Over the years I have had opportunities to attend and participate in numerous of the barbecue and/or culinary classes they offer. I have found that whether you are a rank beginner (like me) or seasoned professional, sign up for one of their classes ready to be taught and to learn. Their method is straight forward and down-to-earth. And at the end of the weekend, I suspect you will return home with your backyard or kitchen cooking skills finely tuned. I know I did. Thanks Lee and Bobbie for your friendship and for making me a much better backyard chef.

Ronnie Harwell
KCBS Representative, CBJ Instructor & Master Judge
Trinty, Alabama
Dear Lee & Bobbie, 4/13/09

THANKS for a great class. If anyone has doubts about spending the money, give them my work or cell phone number. Your class gave me much valuable information and help. My Q will be up
several notches and if I decide to try contests again, I will be able to do so stress free, because I now have a system and the
knowledge that others won’t have.

I came prepared to get a bit of info. I thought you might not be forthcoming with the so called "secrets". Boy was I wrong. If you held something back, you did a good job of hiding it.

In fact, I pride myself on my memory of important things. I was so sure that there were only going to be a couple of tid-bits that I didn’t start taking notes as soon as the others.
I’d be able to remember the 1 or 2 goodies that I was going to get out of the session. In 30 minutes it was apparent that there was so much good info coming my way I better get to note taking. I have pages of notes and I missed some things.

I’m serious. I don’t generally give out my cell phone but if anyone needs convincing you give it to them. They’ll be glad they called !

Best regards,

Brian J. Willig
Terre Haute, In.

I took Music City Pig Pals (Bobbie and Lee McWright’s) Competition BBQ class early in our competition career. The amount of useful information you get for the price is incredible. Not only do they show you championship winning methods, but they tell you why. Both Lee and Bobbie will go into the philosophy and reasons behind their methods. Let’s face it, most of us that cook competition BBQ are going to do it our way to a certain extent and not copy another person’s method 100%. This class gives you the freedom to be flexible and ask questions. Or if you just need to improve your score in a hurry, cook it like they showed you. In their class you will learn important tips that will save you money and time about meat, ingredients, cookers and a lot more. Their method of instruction is clear, concise, and professional. If you want to compete and win, be a better judge, or just impress your friends in the backyard, I highly recommend this class. Also, once you take this class you gain a valuable resource and even more importantly two great friends for life. I can’t tell you how many times I have called Lee and Bobbie with a question or to bounce an idea off them. As we look to make our BBQ more of a business, I will for sure take their catering class also.
Thank you Music City pig Pals!
Ron Montgomery

Bobbie & Lee

The techniques I learned at Music City Pig Pals Cooking Class helped to lay the foundation for starting our competition team and catering business. The class covered the basic skills you need to be successful in cooking bbq and just being able to learn from such accomplished chefs and bbq competitors is so valuable in going to the next level.

In 2001 I was introduced to Lee and Bobbie McWright by Ron Harwell at a cook off in Goodlettsville, TN where I was a judge. Because I was a bbq newbie I didn’t know that Lee and Bobbie were already well known on the bbq circuit. A storm had ripped the awning off of his trailer but Lee was all smiles and took time out to talk to me. Little did I know that I would learn much about the art of "Que" from this guy. The following year Bob Fite and I started cooking as Jiggy Piggy. We had some intermittent success but couldn’t seem to conquer the fine points of smoke cooking that we needed to compete against the top ranking teams. We signed up for all of Lee’s bbq classes. Lee was emphasizing "time, temp and technique." The details we learned from Lee gave our team an immediate boost. He held nothing back. He answered all of our questions. Most importantly we learned WHY each step was important. He even threw in some extra recipes not related to bbq. It was a FUN learning experience. I would highly recommend his classes to any team that is interested in hearing their name called out at the next BBQ contest.
Steve Blake
Jiggy Piggy’s Championship BBQ Team Decatur, AL

New York Times
Best of New York 2007
Very special thanks from the Donnelley Family. We couldn’t achieve this success without the hands on approach the both of you took. Your concept ideals, menu development and costing italicize program got us up and running in record time. The one concept that will last a life time is “Quality not Quantity”. This concept alone allows Mo Gridder’s to keep its food cost down and profits up.
Being featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - and then the very last Emil Live Show was a dream come true and wouldn’t have been possible without the McWright’s (Bobbie & Lee). Now with our second location on Author Avenue the dream lives on in the Bronx.

Again, special thanks for being Southern Style Barbecue to New Yorkers.
Freddie Donnelly
Mo Gridder’s Barbecue
Bronx, New York

The beginning of my barbecuing experience began as a young child growing up in South Texas. Every weekend my Grandfather would fire up the Smoker, throw on a brisket, turn on some music, & ice down some been & soon a party was happening. My job was to keep the coals burning, watch the brisket, & get Grampo a cold Budweiser! Good music, cold beer, good food, family, & friends were the ingredients that made great memories. In my adult-hood I moved away from South Texas, family, & barbecue. For several years firing up the grill for a burger or steak was the extent of my barbecuing. After life in the “fast lane” I began to reminisce about my experiences in Texas. Fueled by my yearly visits back to Texas I decided to purchase a pit & see if I still remembered what Grampo taught me. What a great feeling to re-live some of those times & create some new ones.

With the urging of some friends & family, I entered my first official barbecue competition. I quickly realized that I was way in over my head but I decided to finish what I started & hope I didn’t finish last. Well I did not finish last & I was hooked! It was during that first competition that I briefly met Lee & Bobbie McWright of the Music City Pig Pals. Their reputation and hardware to back it up made a huge impression on me. Later that year I ran into them again at the Wilson County Fair Competition. As I quizzed Lee & Bobbie about their competition successes, I was surprised at how open & honest they both were. For a new competitor I had found it hard to get that kind of information from established teams but Lee & Bobbie really seemed like they wanted to help. Lee mentioned a small informal seminar that he & Bobbie were conducting at their home in a few weeks. I took his information & decided to give it a try.

I can honestly say that what I learned from the McWright’s seminar gave me the basic skills, techniques, & recipes to compete on the same level as establish teams. Granted I was still new to the sport of competition cooking but they helped me understand what I really needed to be successful. Consistency in meat selection, flavor profiles, & cooking techniques are just a few of the things I learned from Lee & Bobbie.

I highly recommend the McWright’s seminar to anyone interested in good barbecue. From the back yard novice to the die hard professional, you will come away with knowledge that took years to learn. Thanks Lee & Bobbie for sharing you knowledge & experiences & above all your friendship with me.

Billy Carroll
Nashville, TN

Dear Bobbie & Lee,

In 2006 at a Fiesta Grill Challenge in Kansas City (The Great American BBQ) the Mitchell Family was blessed meet both of you.

We were truly “just” entering the world of BBQ and you took us under your wings. You have taught, nurtured & supported us beyond all aspects of the BBQ Challenge.

I received a gift for an all day, hands on Smoking Class with both of you for Christmas 2006. I never expected so much knowledge to be taught at one given time.

This was a gift that changed my level of cooking skills and has given me so much joy. This cooking class was truly a huge step in our success to come.

Our first BBQ Competition was in 2007 at Oklahoma Joe’s World Brisket Contest. We only dreamed of being called and “YES” we placed 3rd in Ribs. Need I say more about that cooking class.

We have been so fortunate to receive numerous awards in our first two years of competition.

In 2009 at The Great American Barbecue a lot of hard work, dedication, support and love of the BBQ Challenge came our way. We were awarded Grand Champion in Chicken and Reserve Grand in Side Dishes. We placed 20th overall in the competition with 168 teams competing.

Thank you and beyond to Donald (without you there would be no team) Brad, Jon-Michael, Mark, Jayne, Bobbie & Lee, Family & Friends for helping us achieve this award. I am truly grateful.

To American Barbecue Systems, you build the Best & We Smoke on the Best! Thank you Music City Pig Pals for believing in our product.

I would like to highly recommend to anyone getting started, take a Class, invest in a quality Smoker and give it all you’ve got and most of all, ENJOY THE BBQ CHALLENGE!

Janice Mitchell
Aka Smokin Suzy

Dear Bobbie & Lee,

Your techniques and recipes for consistent cooking methods started us on the right track. Now with 2 Grand Championships and 6 Reserve Championships the Allegro Cooking Team is well on its way. Your 3 T concept (Time + Temperature + Technique) = Success, is diffidently a recipe for success.
"Practice is the key to consistency"

Thanks again,
Randy & Eileen Birch
The Allegro Cooking Team

Congratulations to the DoRag Q Cooking Team
Grand Champions Guntersville Alabama

Thanks for the tips,

Yesterday we sold turkey legs at the Brainerd Jaycee’s $150,000 Ice Fishing Tour. Went through 300 + legs. You can get about 65 legs on at a time. There were about 12,000 people on the ice. Attached is a picture that shows just a small portion of the crowd. Had a lot of questions on the smoker from the crowd and the other vendors.



"I recently had the pleasure of attending the McWright’s competition BBQ "boot camp". Lee and Bobbie really pulled back the curtain and shared all their award winning secrets. In addition to sharing his own techniques, Lee explained the science behind great flavors and demonstrated the difference between good and great BBQ. He also explained how to maximize the commercial profitability of a BBQ stand. He and Bobbie offered great southern hospitality and opened their home to the class. I feel confident to compete in the next contest!"

Thanks again,
Elliott Wood - 9 Toes BBQ

After the two competitions since your BBQ Boot Camp, I believe my wife is about to admit that the Boot Camp, in combination with the purchase of the Pit Boss, was our turning point in the bbq competition realm. Thanks for your continued guidance and support. It is a good thing to have a mentor such as Bobbie and yourself.

Jeff Lyons
We B Que’n

Lee and Bobbie’s class provides a STRONG, LASTING foundation for you to compete and be successful. There is a difference in finishing a contest and competing at a high level with multiple calls and wins! We learned techniques that include great recipes but go much deeper and teach you how handle all the obstacles you may not even be aware of. To this day every time we turn in a box there is so much in that box that they taught us and I am not talking about just flavor or appearance. To be good and in this hobby of ours I really believe you must understand something much deeper than what you see on the outside or taste from your food. You must have a foundation! This includes a plan, a process, and an understanding of a competition. This is what they teach you! Once I understood this things changed for 2 Men and a Pig!!

If you want to be a competitive top notch barbecue team take their class! What you learn will last for years! Lee and Bobbie are both quality, wonderful caring people teaching a great class!

Ron Dennis
2 Men and a Pig

"Lee & Bobbie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed both the classes I have attended. I came to the Ribs 101 class thinking we would be just learning the basics - most of which I thought I already knew- and left blown away by the information you shared and the cooking methods you taught. I didn’t just improve my technique - I completely changed it! The improvement I saw after attending this class had me convinced a return for your Boot Camp would be worth every penny. I was not disappointed! I’ve gone from feeling like a novice with cooking briskets to feeling confident that I’m going to get a great product every time I cook them. Learning the methods used to create competition quality BBQ and how attention to the smallest details matter in achieving a consistently great product has once again opened my eyes. Being able to discuss items such as meat selection, presentation, proper rub ingredients, and apply under your direction techniques such as proper trimming, brine injections, and rub application has dramatically improved my results once again. I can’t imagine anyone being more honest and open and sharing as much information as you guys do! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you both you and look forward to the next class I attend. Thought you’d also be interested to know, I’m not the only fan in the family of your methods. As you can see in the attached photos, you’ve helped create a new BBQ lover in our family!

Thanks so much!
Michael Nix"

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