Music City Catering chefs Lee McWright & Curt Sadler have spent years as gourmet chefs. Their fresh first approach to menu development sets MCC apart from the rest. Farm to table is available for most seasonal items. MCC’s NAME is synonymous with EXCELLENCE in all types of artisanal meats. Grilled, Roasted, Smoked, Custom bacons, Country hams and our NEW Tennessee style prosciutto, age for 400 days.

“Let us make your next party the talk of the town.”

Music City Catering
provides some of the best food and BBQ catering services in Tennessee.
We cater corporate events, weddings, and parties of all kinds.

  Using only the highest quality of spices available,
we blend, bottle and label these great products ourselves so we know exactly what goes into each bottle.
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Over the years Bobbie and I have cooked on a number of different units, but for true barbecue flavor and unit efficiency, American Barbecue Systems surpasses all.    
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Music City Catering - 1334 Seymour Drive, Pleasant View, Tn, 37416 - 615.347.0242